GUESS How Much Erica Mena Spent On Her 6 Year Old Sons B-Day Bash !


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I’ve heard of “doing it big,” BUT how big do you “do it ” for a 6 year old’s birthday party ?

Erica took to twitter just hours ago to inform us “regular folk”, just how “big” she does it forking over a grand total of $4,300 on her young son’s “big day!”

Sheeeesh ! I don’t know WHERE they are going, or WHAT they are doing, BUT I’m guessing it isn’t a Chuckie Cheese!  Do you think this is too much money for a preschooler? Let us know!

Check out tweet below:

After all that, hopefully Erica Mena’s son enjoys his day and appreciates his mommy!

Ps. I wonder if Erica Mena’s Baby Daddy chipped in?? Hmmmm

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